Oxana V. Masyagina, PhD
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[Research interests]

My research concentrates on understanding how forest ecosystem components
respond to disturbance in nature, how they adapt to it and compete for resources.
It is based on understanding relationships inside ecosystem, uptake, allocation,
and environmental factors dynamics. My research approach is experimental
and I use gas-exchange and statistical techniques, including microenvironmental
measurements, CN-analizer, etc. The research is being carried out in Tura
Experimental Forest (Evenkia, Russia), Experimental Station "Chernoe Ozero"
on LTER sites, in boreal forests in Boguchany (Siberia, Russia) and temperate
forests in Far East of Russia, and in Tomakomai Experimental Forest and
Sapporo Experimental Forest in Hokkaido (Japan) on LTER sites. The work
on gas exchange of different components of ecosystem is largely concerned with
species composition, environmental and nutrient conditions, ecophysiology
of forest soil and rhizosphere environment, spatial and temporal heterogeneity,
human and nature disturbances.

I am also investigating the potential impact of global change (elevated CO2,
nitrogen deposition, temperature rise and changes in soil moisture) on ecosystems.
I use annual plants from a wide range of ecosystems, tropical trees and
temperate forest trees. I address physiological, population in these studies
and the potential for change in biological diversity and in functional ecosystem
changes brought about by the interaction of global change factors.

Contact information:
Biogeochemical Cycles in Forest Ecosystems Lab.
V.N. Sukachev Institute of Forest SB RAS
50/28 Akademgorodok, Krasnoyarsk,
Russian Federation, 660036
Phone/Fax: +7-(3912)-43-36-86
E-mail: oxanamas@ksc.krasn.ru
URL: http://oxanamasyagina.narod.ru

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